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Seeds of Selassie I

 Nick Leach created RastaMiles in late 2010 and soon found Chris Zuniga to join with the lyric writing process and to be the vocalist. In April 2011 Nick started singing his own songs, and they found Steven Ange to play percussion. Eventually Chris started playing rhythm guitar, leading to there first release "I Revolutionary" in early 2013. In may of 2013 they received the "Best New Artist" award at the Virginia reggae awards. In late 2013, RastaMiles released a single "Right Here", and put it up for free download. In early 2014 they found their current bassist Migueil Abbott, and have steadily played shows on the east coast since. 

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We Recently had the honor of winning the "Favorite Band" and "Favorite Song" Awards at the 2014 Virginia Reggae Awards! 

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You can download our single "Right Here" for free, just click here

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